The experience

Luxurious Amenities and Uncompromising Comfort

In the tranquil fishing town of Porto Heli, far from the daily hassle yet so close to cosmopolitan locales of the Peloponnese and the Saronikos regions, a newly built villa comes to redefine luxurious and private holiday accommodation. Villa Costa welcomes you to the brand new standards of luxury and indulgence, an experience in opulence and comfort that you will instantly fall in love with.


8 Master Double bedrooms

1 Guest House

Huge indoor living room with several sitting areas

4 Outdoor / indoor dining area for 14 persons and cosy sofa corners

Outdoor fresh-water infinity pool

Outdoor seating area

Parking garage for up to 8 vehicles

Private Dock / Helipad

Cosy Beach

Brand new standards of luxury

Villa Costa is built on a seafront location, merely steps away from the beach; you can lounge in the patio with the tip of your toes almost touching the waves, or relax by your infinity pool, gazing at the restless beauty of the Aegean and the pure, almost savage nature of the Peloponnese. Immersed in the verdant nature of Porto Heli, the Villa combines a refreshing seaside ambiance with modern amenities and elegant luxury, thus becoming a destination all on its own.


4 Outdoor Lining Rooms
2 Outdoor Pergola

Open Kitchen with Bar / BBQ
1 Dining Room (16 Person)
1 Dining Room (14 Person)

Private Dock

Cosy Beach



Sophisticated indoors

Villa Costa is a modern haven of comfort; inspired by natural elements, wood, stone, marble and ample natural light, the Villa offers casual urban comfort together with the liberating sensation of a Greek island home, a home made for fun moments with your loved ones, for entertaining your closest friends or for celebrating all your special moments.


8 Master Double bedrooms

1 Guest House

Huge indoor living room with several sitting areas

2 Dining Rooms up to 14 Persons

Fully Equiped Kitchen